• I have wrote 27 posts since October 2015
  • Four of my posts were school based, 16 were my own interests, and seven of them were set by the challenge.
  • I have received 32 comments total.
  • My post with the post comments was WP10. That post was about fishtail braids and I think some girls could have made a lot of connections to that specific post.
  • I enjoyed writing WP13 ¬†and Hawaii Adventures (SBC7) the most because they were both about one of my vacations to Hawaii and it brought back great memories.
  • I have changed my blog theme about four to five times because I get tired of the same one after a while.
  • I have seven widgets on my sidebar and I think it is just the right amount, but of course it wouldn’t hurt to have more.
  • I do not have any overseas students on my blogroll.
  • The main web tool I use on my blog is bunnyhero virtual pets. I do not have a virtual pet at the moment, but I did for a while. They are really fun to try out and they’re very easy to put on your page!


I am going to share about one of my favorite gifts that I got for Christmas because Christmas is coming up! So two years ago, I got a Captain America penny board. I know it sounds kind of lame, but my friends and I use to all live around each other and we were together NON-STOP. All of them had skateboards, bikes, etc. and I was always walking because I never had something nice to ride around. Of course I had bikes and stuff before but never had anything like a penny board. If you don’t know what a penny board is, it’s like a skateboard, but a lot smaller and it’s a strong plastic, not wood like a regular skateboard. My friends and I had the best time together and would ride different places, to eat, get snacks, etc. So not just around the neighborhood. Anyway, That has been one of my favorite gifts! And also, If you have had a most favorite present like me, make sure to comment below!



This week, I am going to talk a little bit about the Christmas tradition my family and I follow every year since Christmas is coming up! So on Christmas Eve, we all bake cookies and watch Christmas movies. Before we go to sleep, everyone is allowed to open ONE present of their’s that is under the tree (this is always very exciting). On Christmas Eve night it’s always so hard for me to fall asleep because I just can’t wait for the next morning. On the morning of Christmas Day, I wake up at about seven o’clock because I cannot WAIT! After all of my family finally wakes up, we run downstairs and spend a good amount of time opening gifts because there’s three kids in my family and my mom has to record EVERYTHING so we open things one at a time. Last but not least, we drive to my grandma’s house and spend the rest of the day with her. That is my Christmas tradition!




I am back! I have been gone for a week for Thanksgiving break…I think you have a guess on what I’m going to blog about today. What my break consisted of! So to start off, I went to home town and spent time with family and friends for some time before Thanksgiving. While I was back at home, I spent a lot of time with my grandma, helping prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Besides that, I saw A LOT of friends I hadn’t seen in a while. My friends and I all got together one day and had an awesome time. It was kind of sad I had to leave, but now Thanksgiving! Now I usually spend this holiday with all of my family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc.), but because we moved, it was just my family I live with this year. We all contributed into the meal and it turned out amazing! That is what I did over break and I hope everyone else had a fantastic holiday break.



Carrying on with the Hawaii theme for my weekly post…another one of my favorite beaches in Kauai is called Tunnels. The reason it is called Tunnels is because there are actual tunnels to swim through. It is kind of hard because you have to hold your breath the whole time, but it’s a lot of fun. Also, there’s a bunch of reef and it’s fairly deep so we snorkel around there. There are so many colorful and funny looking fish so that makes it ten times more fun. ANOTHER fun fact (actually another sad one), if you didn’t know, reef is a living thing where some fish hide/live in, but the thing is you’re not supposed to walk or touch the reef because it kills it. When the reef dies, it turns to a gray color and when we visited this beach, almost all of it was gray. This is because some tourists do not know this will happen so they walk on the reef. Here is a picture of Tunnels from above.


Hawaii Adventures (SBC7)

This week for the student blogging challenge, I’m going to share about some of my favorite things in Hawaii. Well to start off, I’ll talk about why I go to Hawaii. I have some family there that we go to visit as much as we can, usually once a year. Therefore, I’ve been there quite a lot. I’ve been to the big island of Hawaii and Kauai. I enjoy going there because I get to see my family and well…my family is like a bunch of mermaids. We love the water. My family and I are so lucky we get to do these kinds of things and get the opportunities to go on such awesome adventures.

So both of my favorite adventures/places in Hawaii are both on the island of Kauai. The first is Queen’s Bath. It’s kind of like huge tide pools(literally they’re enormous) where we dive into, snorkel, and find cool animals. So most of these pools are all calm and in my opinion are a lot safer for younger kids, But there’s one part that is not a tide pool. It is kind of caved in but not blocked off. Here, turtles come around and swim. It is kind of a strong current so we have to be careful. We jump into the ocean off about a 10-15 foot drop and just swim with the turtles! It’s so fun but it does take a good swimmer and a lot of getting used to. It’s so deep, none of us have ever been able to swim to the bottom because after a certain point, it’s all black so that’s a little scary. A little fun fact (well not really fun, it’s actually a little sad), a count of 32 people have died trying to swim in Queen’s Bath. If you’re wondering why this is, it’s because tourists don’t realize how strong the waves and current are during the winter/fall so the they get taken under and/or hit their head on the rocks. Here is a picture of where we jumped off and swam with turtles.


As for my second favorite place on Kauai, Hawaii… Tourist Lumahai. Lumahai is pronounced as lu-muh-hi, in case you were wondering. Surfing at all of the beaches in Hawaii is almost always assumed, but that’s not the case. I actually know a few that are not very safe to surf, boogie board, or anything like that at. Tourist Luhmahai is one of them. Some people do still surf here, but let me tell you they are very good at what they do. Although, people do actually come here to body surf! Anyway,as you can see in this photo, there’s a space between the big rock on the right and a smaller one on the left. This is what we’ll jump into. The rock on the right has lots of small tide pools and one them is towards the edge so the water is always pushed into it, therefore there are lots of fish. It’s a small space but it is kind of deep so we snorkel in things like that too.

Another sort of fun fact…so there is a certain way to get back up the rock to jump (it’s hard to swim all the way to shore because the current is VERY strong and it is deep) and around it is a big area of other rocks but they’re under water. My little cousin decided to come with us and of course we all wanted to keep her safe, so trying to get her up to jump again, a big wave came and pushed me and my older cousin into the rocks which was pretty scary but we weren’t badly injured or anything.



I know this was a lot to read so if you did read all of it I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading.


It’s the start of a new week! And that means another weekly post…so by now I’m starting to run out of ideas so instead of talking about the things that I have before, (my interests, personal life, etc.), I am going to be talking about something that I have recently discovered for my blog. They are called virtual pets! I’m feeling so childish while typing this out haha, but anyway, there are so many of these little animals that can appear on your blog to choose from and I think they’re just fun to try out. So you’re going to need to go to bunnyhero labs, or on my blog, click on “adopt your own virtual pet!” which you can find under the pet. Now after you’re here, it will take you through all of the steps to adopt your own virtual animal. I am going to try and switch them out every week or around then…so that’s it! If you happen to do this, comment and tell me what you got!


Since Halloween did just past, I am going to talk about what I did that day! To start off, I got candy for trick or treaters, then my mom and I made a few appetizers to eat because there wouldn’t be a whole lot of time to make dinner and eat as a family, so there were things out to eat when we got hungry. After that, I went up to my closet to put a costume together. I decided to be a black cat, so I wore black leggings, a black t-shirt, and black Chuck Taylors (converse) shoes. For my make up, I drew a black nose and whiskers to finish off the look! Also, for a little diy, if you want to be some sort of animal with cat-like ears, you can use foil to make the shape of a triangle and either paint them, or color them in with black sharpie. Next you’re going to need to hole punch them and pin them to a headband using a safety pin or bobby pin. And there you go! So after I got ready, I handed out candy for a little bit, then left that job to my older brother and went trick or treating with the rest of my family! Thank you for reading, I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Favorite Meal (SBC5)

Now, I’ve got lots of favorite meals, so this is just one of them. To be honest, my family and I don’t go out to eat very much, so I’m very used to staying home and cooking meals. My mom is almost always the one to cook, so this is one of my favorite meals that is actually very easy!…panini sandwiches. We usually have this when my mom isn’t up to cook a big meal. A panini sandwich is made in a panini maker (it’s kind of like a waffle maker but for sandwiches). You make it just like you would a normal sandwich but put it in this maker where the sandwich is made crispy and yummy! My family and I usually make them with turkey or ham, cheese, and sometimes with a pesto spread. Then after it’s cooked, we’ll add anything else we want on it.

Recently, I had this sandwich for dinner and used turkey meat, cheese, and bacon. Here is the finished look…


School Lunches (SBC5)

This week for the student blogging challenge, I will be sharing about my school lunches! We’ll start off with lunches that students bring to school…

  • Some examples of lunches that are brought to school are sandwiches (which are in my opinion the most common), sometimes cold pasta, types of meat (chicken, turkey, etc.). As for the smaller things, there are chips, crackers, and fruit. I have seen a few other things, but these are occurring the most.
  • Keeping up with food here at school… school bought lunches! Well to be honest, there is usually the same type of things and some of these are only served occasionally. School bought lunches include, pizza, tacos, cheese bread sticks, salads, wraps, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, teriyaki bowls, and hot wings. This is usually what is served but here and there, there could be something different.
  • Now getting school lunches can be a pain because lets be real… no one likes to wait in long lines. After waiting and finally up to get my lunch, I either punch in my ID number in the keypad, or if I have my ID card on me, the lunch lady will scan it.
  • Finally, after I get my food, I sit at a lunch table with all of my friends and we eat together then just hangout.
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