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It’s the start of a new week! And that means another weekly post…so by now I’m starting to run out of ideas so instead of talking about the things that I have before, (my interests, personal life, etc.), I am going to be talking about something that I have recently discovered for my blog. They are called virtual pets! I’m feeling so childish while typing this out haha, but anyway, there are so many of these little animals that can appear on your blog to choose from and I think they’re just fun to try out. So you’re going to need to go to bunnyhero labs, or on my blog, click on “adopt your own virtual pet!” which you can find under the pet. Now after you’re here, it will take you through all of the steps to adopt your own virtual animal. I am going to try and switch them out every week or around then…so that’s it! If you happen to do this, comment and tell me what you got!