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  • I have wrote 27 posts since October 2015
  • Four of my posts were school based, 16 were my own interests, and seven of them were set by the challenge.
  • I have received 32 comments total.
  • My post with the post comments was WP10. That post was about fishtail braids and I think some girls could have made a lot of connections to that specific post.
  • I enjoyed writing WP13 ¬†and Hawaii Adventures (SBC7) the most because they were both about one of my vacations to Hawaii and it brought back great memories.
  • I have changed my blog theme about four to five times because I get tired of the same one after a while.
  • I have seven widgets on my sidebar and I think it is just the right amount, but of course it wouldn’t hurt to have more.
  • I do not have any overseas students on my blogroll.
  • The main web tool I use on my blog is bunnyhero virtual pets. I do not have a virtual pet at the moment, but I did for a while. They are really fun to try out and they’re very easy to put on your page!